Scientific Tools

AEI Corporation has a wide array of scientific tools that can be used to assist with many types of incidents. We pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of technology and scientific advances. The Laboratory and Facility page of our website, along with this section, provide only a small example of the tools we keep at our disposal to assist in getting you the best and most accurate information possible.

Forward Looking Infrared Radiometer (FLIR)

FLIR is technology that provides a visual presentation of the temperature of objects during movement or stasis. The use of infrared technology provides visual, color coded mapping of temperatures at various locations without contact on the item of interest. The FLIR assists in pinpointing hot spots and areas for examination that may not be visible otherwise. FLIR are often used for scientific research, building inspections, and firefighting.


The portable X-Ray is another tool that can be utilized for non-destructive testing of artifacts. Use of the X-Ray allows our experts to see inside a key electronic component, appliance, etc., to determine if the origin and cause of a fire, or other incident, may be related to an internal aspect of that artifact.

Gas Testing Equipment

AEI has several tools at its disposal used for measuring and testing fuel gas and Carbon Monoxide flow rates and levels in the field.