Fee Schedule

CONSULTANTSHourly RateTestimonyHazmat Rate
John (Jay) M. Freeman$330$380$380/hour
John L. Schumacher$300$350$350/hour
Dennis E. Shelp$300$350$350/hour
Zachary J. Jason$275$325$325/hour
Scott D. Raszeja$275$325 
Brian N. Strandjord$260$310 
Shawn A. Sapp$250$300 
Charles B. Sullivan$225$275 
Megan E. Seebeck$225$275 
Steven R. Foltz   
-Forensic Imaging$185$235 
Charlie R. Brown III$230$280 
Jeffrey A. Berino   
-Wildland Fires$250$300$300/hour
-Structure Fires$175$225$225/hour
Anthony (Tony) W Ulaszek$175$225$225/hour
Matthew G. Strader$175$225$225/hour
Support Staff$50  

Rates effective 01/01/21 for existing and new jobs.

Deposition time, fees, and expenses to be paid by opposing counsel shall be paid in advance or at the time of the deposition.

Weekend and/or holiday time scheduled by the client on weekends and holidays will be billed at the above-listed Testimony Rate.

HAZMAT rates will be charged at sites requiring A, B or C level of protection.

Expenses Fee
PhotographyDigital Photography$0.40/photograph, $200 max per day
CD/Flash Drive $30.00/each
Mileage $0.56/mile
Transportation, Meals, Lodging, Materials, Supplies, Equipment Rental, Laboratory Services, and other ExpensesCost plus 10%
Equipment ChargesFee
3D Laser Scanning & Site Mapping/Imaging$900/day
3D Optical Scanning & Site Mapping/Imaging$250/day
3D Laser Site Mapping/Imaging$100/day
Multi-Channel Wireless Carbon Monoxide Monitor$250/day
Multi-Channel Carbon Monoxide Sensors$200/day
Multi-Channel Infrared Gas Sensors$200/day
FTIR (infrared spectroscopy)$200/day
Keyence Digital Microscope$150/day
FLIR (infrared camera)$120/day
Laboratory Test Hood/Burn-Cell$100/day
Computerized Data Acquisition System$100/day
Portable Combustion Analyzer$100/day
Air Data Multimeter$100/day
Combustible Gas Indicator$50/day
Universal Test Machine$50/day
Digital Video Camera$50/day
X-ray Equipment$40/image
Lab Rental Fee$500/day plus experts time
Evidence StorageFee
Evidence/Artifact storage is available at a quoted rate. Storage is billed annually, payable in
advance. The minimum annual storage fee is $200.
Min. Annual $200