Graphics, Animations, & Models

AEI Corporation is dedicated to providing state-of-the art, advanced approaches to forensic site documentation of accident sites through various forensic imaging techniques. Further, we are always striving to better provide tools used to convey the information to our clients and future jurors.


  • Narrative Animation

  • AEI offers the skill set to provide you with narrative animation to assist in explaining circumstances surrounding a loss. This technique incorporates a chronological sequencing of events. It is an effective communication method that resonates with an audience in either written or visual format.

  • Project Graphics

  • Project Graphics provide a powerful tool to help you visually explain the sometimes very complex details of a loss. Information that begins as multiple gigs of raw scan data gets colorized, processed, cropped, exported, analyzed, measured, and then exported again to a graphical format. Specific features can be showcased and notes can be added. Through this process, AEI is able to provide a succinct 2-5 megabyte file of distilled project data, which also makes the data easier to share.

  • Materials Modeling

  • Models provide a physical, tactile representation of a specific structure or element. Models are often used to study aspects of architectural design and can be constructed from a variety of materials to fit the needs of the user. This includes blocks, paper, and wood. Further, they can be produced in a variety of scales to most effectively demonstrate and share pertinent data.

  • 3D Solids Modeling

  • Solids Modeling is the computer modeling of 3D solid objects, including terrain, structures, and vegetation. The objective of solids modeling is to ensure that every surface is geometrically correct. It is considered the most complex aspect to master in computer-aided design (CAD) because it requires the CAD software to simulate the object from within and outside. This is critical as it lets designers provide cutaways of the design, such as an engine and its components. In short, solids modeling allows the design, creation, visualization and animation of digital 3D models.

  • 3D Point Cloud Animation

  • A 3D Point Cloud Animation can be used to enhance the viewer’s sense of actually being at a san location. Using this method of animation, viewers see the point cloud from the location of each specific scan in a panorama representation.