About Us


Since 2005, AEI’s experts have utilized forensic engineering and their expertise to help determine the causes of incidents and accidents for a broad spectrum of clients. Some of those clients include propane and natural gas companies, appliance and equipment manufacturers, utilities, law firms, insurance carriers, the transportation industry and more. We take our jobs seriously, because we understand what is at stake for our clients. Our goal is to deliver answers and the proof to back them up.

  • Our Company

    The strength of AEI is our multi-disciplinary team of licensed engineers with over 175 years of combined forensic investigative experience. They have led investigations all over the world and provide expertise that spans from initial field inspection, to laboratory examinations, to expert witness testimony.

  • Our Facility

    An investigator is only as good as the tools at their disposal. This is why we built one of the foremost investigative facilities in the country. Our 14,000-square-foot headquarters is designed so we can find answers to even the most difficult and complex investigations while preserving any evidence we examine. The facility sits on two acres of secured land and features a fully-equipped lab along with a protected evidence warehouse. Here, we can perform and document a multitude of tests an investigation may require from small table-top experiments to full-room demonstrations.