Scanning Electron Microscopy

AEI’s JEOL HJSM IT 510 is at the center of the state-of-the-art Scanning Electron Microscopy Laboratory. This technology is used to enhance AEI’s investigation capabilities, and can also be rented. Rentals come with the assistance of one of our Materials Scientists and sample preparation on site. This includes mounting, polishing, and etching. A horizontal and vertical band saw, and a diamond cutoff saw are available to help with sample preparation.

Scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) are indispensable tools for quality assurance and manufacturing, research, failure analysis, and forensic engineering investigations. This powerful technology can be used to identify fractures and other features on the surface of an object otherwise not visible to the naked eye. The data collected can then provide clues that help tell the story of how an object failed.

Additionally, the SEM gives AEI the ability to perform EDS analysis. This can be used to identify elements present within a sample and at what percentage. Not only is this useful for the identification of materials, it can also be utilized to identify the presence of contaminates.