AEI Introduces Newest Team Member, Frank Young, PE, CFEI, LC, LEED AP – Electrical Enigneer

AEI’s newest Electrical Engineer, Frank Young, PE, CFEI, LC, LEED AP, has spent his entire career of over 25 years in a consultant capacity and is a licensed Professional Engineer in 42 states.

He has supported his clients on multi-million dollar projects throughout the United States and internationally in new construction and renovation projects, along with electrical systems failures and damage assessments.

From his vast knowledge of electrical systems, Mr. Young is able to provide forensic engineering services to support:

Origin and cause of electrical failures

• Assessment of electrical systems damage incurred
due to fire, explosions, floods, tornadoes, hail and

• Scope of repairs and estimating for the damaged
electrical systems

• Electrical construction defects

• Builder’s risk claims

• Expert testimony/litigation support

• Code analysis and compliance