Energy Risk & Insurance Conference

The IRMI Energy Risk & Insurance Conference (ERIC) brings together the brightest minds in the industry—the “who’s who” in understanding, mitigating, and insuring the complex exposures of oil and gas risks. The Conference is the prime forum for risk managers, agents and brokers, underwriters, adjusters, attorneys, and others to explore state-of-the-art ideas and practical tactics for fine-tuning risk management programs while expanding business networks.

  • Winning the Fight before It Begins—A Proactive Approach to Fire and Explosion Losses
    Fire and explosion risks affect every industry, but the energy sector—whether production, transportation, or end users—is uniquely exposed to the risk of catastrophic losses. Whether the loss happens at your facility or out in the world, your response in the hours and days after a loss will affect the trajectory of a claim and your potential liability, for months if not years, before it is resolved. Through case studies and real-world examples, learn what you can do—whether from an insured or insurer’s perspective—to mitigate the risk of a catastrophic fire or explosion loss becoming catastrophic for your business. Having a plan for what to do after a fire or explosion loss occurs will put insurers and insureds in the best position to effectively respond to third-party claims, manage first-party claims, and implement the lessons from that incident into future safety programs.