Commercial Cooking Operations – Post Fire Investigation

Presented by Charles B. Sullivan, Senior Consultant, ASCR2, CKH2 – Mr. Sullivan is an expert in the layout/design, installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, repair and operation of fire suppression systems and their components, and often addresses industry standard of care issues. Mr. Sullivan is also knowledgeable about fire alarm systems, plumbing systems, backflow prevention devices, and fire extinguishers. He worked in the fire protection industry for 22 years and has spent the last 8 years working in the forensic side of the industry evaluating various issues with fire suppression systems, fire alarm systems, plumbing systems, backflow prevention devices, and fire extinguishers. His responsibilities have ranged from installing fire sprinkler systems to managing groups of field service and installation suppression and alarm technicians. His 28 years of troubleshooting gives him unique expertise in failure analysis of fire suppression, fire alarm, and plumbing systems, as well as the related equipment. Mr. Sullivan has expertise in code analysis, standard of care, construction defect, and cost estimating as they relate to installation and repair of systems. He has provided expert deposition and trial testimony both nationally and internationally.


Wildfire Investigation Techniques

Presented by Jeffery A. Berino, Senior Investigator, BS, AAS, INVF, CCFI, CFEI – Mr. Berino is a fire and explosion origin and cause investigator and has also been a firefighter for over 35 years. He has been involved in hundreds of fire and explosion investigations involving subrogation issues, expert testimony, code analysis, technical research, wildfire origin and cause, and evidence collection. He is well known for his many years of experience in wildfire investigations in the US, Canada, and Mexico for government agencies and utility companies. He also has expertise in fire scene incident management.


Fire Scene Documentation with 2020 Vision

Presented by Matthew G. Strader, BS, CFEI – Mr. Strader is a recent graduate from the Fire, Arson and Explosion Investigation program at Eastern Kentucky University. He is proficient in the use of NFPA 921 and 1033 and has hands-on experience working on dozens of fire investigations. Additionally, he has completed extensive research with professors at Eastern Kentucky University related to the application of fire investigation science and methodology. Mr. Strader is a member of the National Fire Protection Association, the National Association of Fire Investigators, and the International Association of Arson Investigators.