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AEI Corporation is always on the lookout for exceptional talent.  Currently seeking a Fire Protection Engineer and an Administrative Coordinator II. Get the details here.

AEI Laboratory Facilities – Equipment & Capabilities

The right tools can make all the difference. That is why AEI built and maintains one of the foremost state-of-the-art facilities at our headquarters, in Littleton, CO. With over 14,00 square feet and a secured outdoor lot, we are able to easily host large-scale examinations and store sizeable artifacts.


Wildfire Season

While summer brings the warm temperatures we’ve all been craving, it also carries the increased risk of wildfires. As evidenced by several large wildland fires in recent months, the impact of these events is expanding as more people begin to live in WUI’s, or wildland urban interfaces. These are areas where homes back up against forested land, and in Colorado alone, there are approximately 2.9 million people living in a WUI.

When a wildland fire occurs, fire investigators like AEI’s Jeff Berino are dispatched to the burn area to determine the fire’s area of origin and cause. Mr. Berino looks for indicators of the fire’s direction of movement to pinpoint an area of origin, then determines the cause from within that area. We will be spotlighting some of the most interesting indicators of fire movement over the summer.

Be sure to follow us to learn more about how AEI handles wildland fire investigations!

Our fire investigators would be happy to assist you on your next wildland fire case – you can contact us at info@aeiengineers.com, or by calling 303-756-2900.

AEI searching for new team members

Never get bored at work again! AEI Corporation is on the lookout for exceptional talent. If you have your BS or MS in engineering, and an interest and/or experience in forensic engineering and investigations, check out the position descriptions on our website and apply today!

Charles B. Sullivan to Present at 2022 WY Claims Association Conference

Charles B. (Charlie) Sullivan is an expert in the layout/design, installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, repair and operation of fire suppression systems and their components, and often addresses industry standard of care issues. He will be presenting on the topic of commercial cooking lines fires for 2 hours at the 2022 WY Claim Association conference on May 12, 2022.

The WY Claims Association is a group of insurance professionals who gather annually for continual education purposes, collaborate on the current insurance trends, discuss any changes in the legislature, and build professional ties with insurance industry peers.

Our Class Act Business Team

AEI Corporation wants to recognize and brag about our amazing business team! Taylor Nafziger, Roxy Blea, and Ali Booth. These professionals keep AEI running smoothly. We are thankful for the support they provide to our clients and colleagues. They are an integral part of the AEI team.

Charles R. Brown Appointed to NFPA 59 Committee

AEI Corporation congratulates Charles R. Brown for his appointment to the NFPA 59 Committee. The Committee is charged with reviewing, maintaining, and updating the minimum fire protection, safety, and related requirements for the location, design, construction, security, operation, and maintenance of liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants.

AEI is hiring!

Are you searching for an interesting and rewarding career? Check out forensic engineering and AEI Corporation. Founded in 2005, AEI’s skilled and respected experts utilize forensic engineering to help determine the causes of indcidents for a broad spectrum of clients. Come join a solid, growing company in a fascinating industry. www.AEIengineers.comHR@AEIengineers.com.

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Microscope Monday’s – Fractured Bolt

This image might not look like much, but to a materials science engineer, it tells a lot. This fracture surface indicates that the bolt failed in reverse bending fatigue. (This type of failure can occur when repeated bending of an object occurs cyclically, in opposite directions, causing stress.)

Multiple initiation points are observed, and the presence of oxides indicates which fracture surface is likely initiated first. Further analysis in a scanning electron microscope (SEM) can use fracture features to calculate the number of cycles and other attributes of the loading conditions.