Forensic Services: Testing and Examination

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then test data is worth a million. Nothing proves or disproves a theory more effectively than testing, and we have one of the best equipped laboratories in the country for testing gas and electric appliances, mechanical equipment, gas and electric system components, and other evidence removed from incident sites. We have designed and performed unique experiments ranging from table-top laboratory tests to full-scale house fires and explosions. In addition, we are equipped with portable X-ray equipment for use in the laboratory and field.

    Typical testing services provided by AEI include:

  • System/Component Examination & Testing
    • Gas Appliances
    • Mechanical & Gas System Components
    • Fire Suppression System Components
    • In-Floor Radiant Heating Systems
    • Electrical Appliances & Equipment
  • Unique Product Testing
  • Table-Top & Full Scale Testing
  • Accident Reconstruction Testing
  • Radiographic (X-Ray) Examination