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Product Failure and Electrical Fires
The engineers at AEI Corporation have extensive experience with the investigation of product liability claims on behalf of both the subrogation and defense teams. From small household appliances to commercial or industrial equipment, the experts at AEIC have the knowledge and resources to successfully investigate your loss. Our electrical engineers also have backgrounds in fire investigation and electrical wiring, providing a unique combination of practical and theoretical knowledge and experience.

Electrical Accidents (shocks, burns, electrocutions, arc flash incidents)
If misunderstood or ignored, electricity can become a dangerous tool. Too often people are injured or killed in situations that could easily have been avoided. The AEIC electrical team is knowledgeable about proper work and workmanship practices, giving them a competitive edge when examining incidents of this nature. Our experts have conducted investigations involving shocks in fast food establishments to commercial arc flash incidents.

Lightning-Related Incidents
Lightning is a powerful, natural force to be reckoned with. There are many codes, standards, and work practices geared towards minimizing the damage that can be created by a lightning strike. A working knowledge of the physics of lightning, as well as practical knowledge learned in the field, allows our experts to investigate incidents of this ‘nature.’ Because lightning can cause fires or lead to gas leaks in piping, retaining a competent electrical expert is key to a successful outcome.

Research and Testing
Our lab facilities provide the perfect setting to conduct testing related to any type of incident, with state of the art equipment to record the data and format it for presentation in the courtroom setting. Our X-Ray capabilities allow us to examine evidence in a non-destructive manner, while our library provides a place to find information pertaining to almost any subject imaginable.

Code Compliance
Adherence to all applicable codes is one of the best ways to prevent, or at a minimum, reduce the risk of, injuries caused by an electrical system or device. With access to these codes, the electrical engineers at AEIC have the capability to perform a code(s) analysis for a given incident to determine if all possible measures were in place. Common codes include NFPA 70 (The National Electrical Code) and NFPA 70E (Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace), as well as those produced by the International Code Council.

Control Systems
Control systems are sometimes overlooked as a potential fire hazard. While a heater or other energy device relies on the controller to automatically “control”, a heating or cooling or whatever process may rely on an automatic system to monitor, adjust and control a system. However, when a controller fails, a comparison between what it normally does and what it is doing now in failure is required. AEI engineers have the ability to reconstruct, examine, analyze data and perform root cause analysis, on simple or complicated control systems.