Forensic Services: Demonstrative Testing

Accident Reconstruction
Our licensed and certified engineers (CFI & CFEI) employ scientifically accepted methods to determine the origin and cause of fires and explosions involving gas systems. Our facilities and equipment allow us to test accident scenarios and evaluate contributing causation factors.  These exhibits can help demonstrate to a jury how the loss occurred.

Full Scale Testing
Nothing proves or disproves a theory more effectively than testing.  Advanced E.I. has one of the best equipped laboratories in the country for testing mechanical and gas system components.  We have designed and performed unique experiments ranging from table-top laboratory tests to full-scale house fires and explosions.

X-Ray Analysis
When non-destructive testing is required, we utilize our portable x-ray equipment both in the field and the laboratory. This tool can provide insight into the internal workings and failures of components, such as valves, regulators and gas controls.  Our engineers are fully licensed to transport and operate this equipment anywhere in the country.